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Inodoro de compostaje

Inodoro de compostaje



:Access to proper sanitation is crucial to the health of any community and a basic step towards sustainable development.  Our goal is to install a hygienic composting toilet for each household.  We teach the villagers how to build and use the toilets, providing the materials needed for construction.  Participants have to gather other materials themselves and provide the labor to build their “baño abonero”.  The human waste is mixed with a drying agent, sawdust or dry leaves, and aerated by a passive ventilation system.   This keeps the compost dry and prevents odor.  Once the cache gets filled it is emptied, mixed with soil and further composted in mounds outside.


A composting toilet is different than a pit toilet:

  • waste accumulates above ground not below ground
  • urine is automatically separated, keeping moisture content lower
  • Proper moisture content allows decomposition WITHOUT ODOR!
  • Decomposed product can be scatter on crops, enriching soil
  • Does not fill up and become unuseable
  • Reduces chances of waste mixing with water
  • No pit to fall into
  • No need to dig a new pit
  • Encourages good sanitation and hygiene


Your donation will enable us to continue to deploy this program to more households.

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