Participate in the Race to Guatemala!

Choose a team below to sign up and join as a race participant on the selected group.  You will track and record your fitness  miles towards the 3,700 mile goal of the virtual race - Seattle to our villages!

  • After registering, receive your GVH mask in the mail, and get active while staying socially distant!

  • Track your miles using our tracking sheet here and report totals to your team captain at the end of each week - before the end of Sunday. 

  • Sponsor your team - find sponsors to fundraise specifically for your team. Prizes will be awarded for the team that raises the most money.

Sponsors who sign up on the "Support a Program" page will then donate money  based on the miles your team earns towards the goal! We encourage all participants to find sponsors for their team - the team that raises the most money will earn a special prize!


For example:

1¢/mile would be $37 if that team finishes the 3700 mile race, and  2¢/mile = $74;