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sponsor a race team to SUPPORT

Sponsors commit to donating at a selected rate ($x/mile) for the miles completed by a team of racers that is aiming to collectively complete the 3,700 mile goal needed to race from Seattle to El Estor.

  • Select a team you're most familiar with as they race from Seattle to the villages. ​

  • Choose your sponsorship rate. If your team reaches the 3,700 mile goal, your selected rate will be multiplied by 3,700. If your team does not reach the goal, your final donation will be pro-rated. You will be invoiced via PayPal at the conclusion of the race to donate based on your team's completed miles.


For example:

1¢/mile would be $37 if that team finishes the 3,700 mile race, and 2¢/mile = $74


This year, we are equating 10 minutes of activity to 2 miles moved. So if you spend 30 minutes doing yoga, biking, hiking or paddling, that means you helped your team move 6 miles! Track your minutes moved each week and report back to your team captain by the end of Sunday each week.

10 minutes = 2 mileS

sponsorship rates

  • 1¢ per mile = $37

  • 2¢ per mile = $74

  • 5¢ per mile = $185

  • 10¢ per mile = $370

  • 1 Quetzal per Mile = $500

Sponsor a team here:

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