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Wildfires impact villages we serve

Mon June 3  2024  11AM

Fortunately the fire is out now.  We are working with the villages to help them develop a response plan for future fires.  This may include capture and storage of rainwater on the hillside for firefighting use.

Mon May 27 2024  9AM

Immediate fire threat to the villages has mostly subsided, the fire has burned what it is going to burn near the villages, and is moving towards a palm plantation.  Special thanks to the villagers of Seacacar and several surrounding villages for organizaing to fight the blaze with water carried by hand from the river and by creating firebreaks by clearing vegetation.

Fri May 24 2024

Fires burn out of control across Guatemala especially in Izabal and the Peten.  Our villages gave been struggling to fight them by hand in Seacacar and Marcajam. 

Fri May 24: May rains are delayed by climate change making vegetation vulnerable to wildfires.   Fortunately no homes have been lost, but entire crops have been lost in some areas.  Villagers are suffering from smoke exposure and extreme heat causing dehydration and risk of heat stroke.  There has been no emergency response from the government as they are overwhelmed and our rural indigenous villages are not  a priority. 

Thur May 23: Fire has been slowly spreading for a week and has now made it's way near our communication tower.  It is too hot to fight in the day so the villagers are carrying water up the mountain by hand at night and cutting firebreaks and trying to douse the flames.  Hot air and smoke from the flames on the side of the mountain have caused tower equipment to reach 165F, but everything is still working at the moment.

Thursday May 23 2024

Our Response:


Guatemala Village Health is sending supplies of water, gloves and eye protection glasses, masks, and food.  With our health promotors and staff, we coordinating responses with help in transporting volunteers from other villages to help protect the road as a fire break

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