Volunteer with Us in Guatemala!
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Make a lasting change in the lives of villagers by spending 2 weeks in Guatemala with us as we visit and facilitate clinics in the villages we serve! 

2022 Trips:



What Do We Do?

Hear from our in-country director Samuel and Dr. Ale to learn about what Guatemala Village Health has been able to achieve in Guatemala in the last 10 years.

New Updates from Guatemala

GVH Co-Founder Dr. Jennifer and volunteers Mickey PA and Nancy ARNP bring us up to speed on our programs in this video:

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Volunteering with Guatemala Village Health is a challenging and inspiring experience.  These videos and photos will introduce you to our work.

Ready to get involved?


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Our Mission:

To improve individual and village health in rural Guatemala through education, empowerment of local leaders, and development of local health providers.

We voice our solidarity with the ongoing struggles of all people of color for justice and equity as we all are viewing firsthand the horrors of the ongoing institutionalized racism in our country - from police openly murdering Black men to the shooting of a pregnant Black woman peacefully protesting this injustice.  It is this same systematic oppression following the genocide of the indigenous Mayan villagers of Guatemala which leads to the largest inequities in access to access to healthcare, education and the ability to earn a living wage in any country in the world - it is time for CHANGE TODAY!