Sponsor: Team Baby

Sponsor: Team Baby


For $1, you can sign up to sponsor the racing team who is racing to support healthy babies in Guatemala.  It is vital for children to receive proper nutrition in their first 1,000 days of life. This program provides a homemade nutritional supplement to babies less than 1,000 days old, ensuring they will grow up healthy and strong. Money raised for this team will help fund ingredients for the supplement, and travel to these remote villages.  This program is backed by significant research and innovation.


Choose the sponsor ship level to sign up at, and if the team reaches the 3700 mile goal, your per mile rate will be multipled by 3700 and you will be invoiced to donate that amount at the end of the race.  Thank you for the commitment of support!

Example: 0.01 per mile = $37.00 at the end of the race

Sponsorship Level
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