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Job Opening
Director of Development & Operations

Please send your resume or CV to to apply.

Guatemala Village Health (GVH) is a small, mission driven, community-oriented nonprofit based in Seattle that works to improve health in rural Mayan villages in Guatemala.  With staff and a partner organization in-country, we provide primary clinical care in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in the mountainous Sierra Santa Cruz territory with a population of about 10,000 people.  Twice per year we bring North American teams of 10-20 professionals to augment clinical services and provide training to in-country providers.  In addition, we work with village governments and village health workers to implement locally developed public health improvement projects including composting toilets, water filters, smokeless stoves, and permaculture food production.  We also support education for youth from high school to health career degrees, and economic development projects working in collaboration with other local organizations.

Over the past 12 years we have developed a set of ongoing programs and projects to support traditional villages to improve health, and we are now poised to move to the next level of sustainability and sharing.  We are looking for the right person to lead us in our journey to financial and organizational maturity in partnership with our Director of Programs.  Our vision for the next 5 years is to double our annual budget, graduate our existing villages with ongoing support, codify our work for implementation in other areas of Guatemala, and hire an in-country Executive Director to manage program/project operations in Guatemala with our support.  Our organization here will then be able to focus on gathering resources, providing consultation and supporting the growth of our in-country partner organization.  We have recently completed our 5 year Strategic Plan with a commitment to equity across our organizations.  Will you bring your experience and creativity to work with our GVH Team towards improving health and development in Guatemala?


The Development and Operations Director will co-lead the organization in partnership with the Program Director.  This position reports to the Board of Directors of GVH.



  • Work closely with the Director of Programs and the Board of Directors to implement GVH’s vision and current strategic plan, and develop future strategies.

  • Ensure ongoing program excellence in the areas of fundraising, finance, communications, and operations.

  • Maintain GVH’s documentation for key partnerships, licensing, and operations.

  • Cultivate relationships with volunteers, board members, partner organizations and funders.

  • Actively engage in GVH board meetings and Board committees as a nonvoting member.



  • Create an annual work plan to implement the strategic plan.

  • Work closely with the Program Director and the GVH Board Finance Committee to create the annual budget (US$250K in 2023 with growth to 450K over next 5 years).

  • Review and implement the annual fundraising plan (including event production with Board Members, Program Assistant, and volunteer support).

  • Meet with donors and funding organizations to discuss the work of GVH and encourage their participation.

  • Supervise maintenance of donor database and electronic documents including all official correspondences, and other essential documentation.

  • Prepare bi-monthly and annual reports of organizational operations and finances to present to the Board Directors.



  • Maintain and improve systems to track financial progress, disbursements and accounting partnering closely with the Board Treasurer.

  • Hire and supervise the Program Assistant.

  • Recruit and train volunteers and/or interns to assist with fundraising and operations.

  • Support working committees to execute their task assignments.

  • Coordinate volunteers and interns at the GVH office.

  • Manage communication including website and social media to expand recognition of GVH.

  • Prepare an annual report, publish and communicate organizational activities, and program results.



  • Collaborate with the Program Director to develop measurable outcomes and systems, both quantitative and qualitative, to ensure consistent high-quality evaluation of projects and programs.

  • Assist in the revision of projects and programs to improve their effectiveness and efficiency based on the evaluation data collected.

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