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3,700 miles

seattle → el estor




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How It Works

Racers get active to collect miles.

Sponsors donate $/mile completed by racers.

Starting on August 15th, racers and sponsors may join the race to raise $10,000 that will support GVH's programs. The race ends on September 15th, which is Guatemala's Independence Day, culminating in a live or virtual celebratory gathering (celebration details will be confirmed closer to the event date).

Joining as a Racer:

Choose a team that supports a GVH program that you're passionate about to sign up and join as a race participant. You will track your fitness miles to contribute to your team's 3,700 mile goal of racing from Seattle to the villages!

  • Select your preferred registration level, and then enter the required information.

  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and your team captain will reach out within a week. Get ready to get active while staying socially distant!

  • Find sponsors for your team so your team can raise funds for its respective GVH program. Prizes will be awarded to the team that raises the most money!

  • Get active! Racers may participate in any fitness activity to get their miles in, whether that's running, cycling, climbing, yoga, you name it! Don't forget to post pics of you breaking a sweat on social media with #RacetoGuateGVH in your caption!

Joining as a Sponsor:


Sponsors commit to donate at a selected rate ($x/mile) for the miles completed by a team of racers that is aiming to collectively complete the 3,700 mile goal needed to race from Seattle to El Estor.

  • Select a team that supports a GVH program you're most passionate about as they race from Seattle to the villages. 

  • Choose your sponsorship rate. If your team reaches the 3,700 mile goal, your selected rate will be multiplied by 3,700. If your team does not reach the goal, your final donation will be pro-rated. You will be invoiced via PayPal at the conclusion of the race to donate based on your team's completed miles.


For example:

1¢/mile would be $37 if that team finishes the 3,700 mile race, and 2¢/mile = $74




This year, we are equating 10 minutes of activity to 1 miles moved. So if you spend 30 minutes doing yoga, biking, hiking or paddling, that means you helped your team move 3 miles! Racers will track their minutes moved each week and report back to their team captain by the end of Sunday each week.

10 minutes = 1 mile


each team supports a gvh program

The funds raised by racers and sponsors will go towards supporting the following GVH programs:

8 teams


Team baby

Raises funds for crucial nutritional supplements for babies in their first 1,000 days of life.


Team delta

Raises funds for personal protective equipment, COVID-19 test and other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Team grow

Raises funds for supplies and training for permaculture gardens to create sustainable food sources for families

2E3A7668 copy_edited.jpg

Team medicine

Raises funds for medications and medical supplies for villagers.


Team stove

Raises funds for distributing and implementing the use of smokeless stoves in households, resulting in clean air and decreasing the prevalence of asthma.


Team teach

Raises funds for educational scholarships for children and young adults in the villages we serve so they may continue their education beyond elementary school.

Composting Toilet_edited.jpg

Team toilet

Raises funds for sanitary living solutions via water filters and composting toilets, which will also help with permaculture gardens.


Team women

Raises funds for our programs that focus on women's health and benefit local village women through micro-finance.

How'd We Do
Last Year?

In 2020, we reached our $10,000 goal!


With 86 racers aged 9-83 years young from various cities and states, and the incredible support from 23 sponsors, we reached our goal of $10,000. In the end, teams not only completed the miles to El Estor but also started logging in miles for a round trip and greatly surpassed their distance goals by collectively traveling a whopping 30,000+ miles!

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